Surprise, surprise: there is a partisan divide when you ask this question. A recent Pew poll show that most Americans are sure the bitter divides in our country are a result of them, not us.

Here’s Pew’s analysis:

Republicans are far more likely than Democrats to view the Democratic Party as very liberal. And the pattern is similar, though less pronounced, in views of the GOP’s ideology: More Democrats than Republicans see the Republican Party as very conservative.

When asked to evaluate the Democratic Party’s ideology, a majority of Republicans (55%) give the Democratic Party the most liberal rating possible on an 11-point scale (where 0 is very liberal and 10 is very conservative). The share of Republicans who give the Democratic Party this ideological rating has increased 10 percentage points, from 45%, since 2016.

About a third of Democrats (35%) give the GOP the most conservative rating possible – which is far lower than the share of Republicans who place the Democratic Party at the most liberal point on the scale. Nonetheless, Democrats are much more likely than Republicans to rate the GOP’s ideology as very conservative.

Read the full results of Pew’s survey here.

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