America is in a time of cultural and political upheaval – maybe you’ve noticed. And that means many of us are wondering what the way forward looks like.

At America 101, we believe finding solutions to our 21st century challenges requires getting back to basics. What are American values? What sets us apart from the rest of the world? What makes us exceptional?

These are the questions we want to answer. We will tell the story of America through the stories of Americans – people who’ve inspired us by relying on themselves, battling adversity, standing up against injustice, achieving their goals, and changing America in ways big and small, no matter the odds.

America is built on core ideas: liberty, hard work, personal responsibility, faith and family, growth, innovation – that teach us how to live a good life and leave an even better one for the next generation.

By getting back to basics, we believe an American renewal is possible – and it will certainly be necessary if we are to confront the rising forces that seek to undermine our way of life, built on individual liberty and democratic values.

Our goal is to deliver you stories and content that inspire us to make America a better, stronger, more unified place – one person, family, and community at a time.