We Are America

“The meaning of America is not in Washington, D.C. The meaning of America is in all the communities and the little platoons that you come from.”

  Ben Sasse

Topics of Interest


Economic growth is a root of American strength. But the world economy is fundamentally changing, and we need to keep up in order to lead the world through the 21st century.


Hard Work

Self-reliance and pride in your work – it's what America was built on. Now, it's up to us to make sure the next generation of Americans knows the dignity of hard work.



We're the nation that won the space race, the nation that brought the world into the digital age. But competition for the next frontier won't wait, and America must remain the global leader in technological innovation.



Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness – it’s up to us to protect our most precious natural rights in a rapidly changing world.


National Security

If our national security isn’t guaranteed, nothing else is. The threats of today look different than yesterday’s, and we can’t afford to ignore them.



Many people are turned off by politics today, but we can’t look away. Our future depends on coming together as one nation to fix our shared problems.



Sports teach our young people the lessons they need for the rest of their lives – setting goals, battling adversity, learning from loss, and tasting the accomplishment of victory.