Sports can teach us a great deal about life. But the lives of athletes can teach us lessons as well. Here’s what you can learn about overcoming challenges from Tiger Woods’ incredible comeback:

What many thought would never happen has. Tiger won a golf tournament. And not just a tournament but the season ending Tour Championship. He is a PGA Tour champion again.

It’s his first win since the 2013 WGC Bridgestone tournament five years ago. And he has now won 80 PGA tour events, second only to the 82 won by Sam Snead. It is an incredible comeback.

His setbacks have been well documented: four back surgeries including a fusion surgery, a DUI arrest and subsequent rehab. There were days when he could not even sit or stand comfortably. He did not know if he could ever play golf again let alone win a tournament.

At his press conference Sunday he said he was lucky. But it was not luck that made this momentous comeback a reality. Having studied and written on comebacks I know the steps to a comeback and they can be seen in Woods. …

Setbacks do not control your life. No matter what has happened you don’t allow your setbacks to define you. Dreams are what focus you on your future and not your past.

Even though Woods had experienced gigantic setbacks in his personal life, he has moved past them. He has rehabbed his injuries and worked hard to recapture his dominant game.

All of this has been motivated by his dream to be the greatest golfer of all time, to win the most tournaments of any golfer and to win the most majors. And he is a real force again.

Read what Pastor Rick McDaniel identifies as the steps to a comeback, and see how Tiger Woods used them to become a champion again.

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