The definition of “grit” from Merriam-Webster: “firmness of mind or spirit unyielding courage in the face of hardship or danger.”

The definition of grit from one local news story:

It was supposed to be Walter Carr’s first day of work with a moving company Sunday when his car broke down. But, instead of calling out, he walked through the night to be on time.

Carr’s vehicle stopped working the night before his first day with the moving company Bellhops, and he knew he couldn’t miss it. So, he decided to walk. Carr began his hike from Homewood, Alabama, to the town of Pelham, Alabama, at midnight. He walked at least 14 miles before police picked him up at 4 a.m., reports CBS affiliate WIAT-TV.

But the story doesn’t end there. The family who hired Bellhops wrote a Facebook post about Walter, and it went viral.

When the CEO of the moving company heard about his employee’s first day, he decided to surprise him – by giving him his car.

Read the full story of how this young man’s work ethic brought a community together on CBS News here.

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