How do you help the Cajun Navy rescue hurricane victims if you can’t sail?

Frequent traveler Tom Bever came up with a brilliant idea – why not donate some of his hotel reward points? He had racked up over a million Hilton Honors points, and he knew he’d never use them all himself.

He’d heard the Cajun Navy – volunteers who travel to rescue people after hurricanes and storms, often with their signature flat-bottom boats – had arrived on the East Coast to help during Hurricane Florence.

He wanted to help them bear some of their costs.

“I was able to use 980,000 Hilton Hotel Points (so far) to get 36 of the [Louisiana] Cajun Navy rooms” in a Hilton hotel in Columbia, South Carolina, Bever wrote on a Facebook post.

Hoping to inspire others to donate their points to volunteers, he posted the idea in several Facebook groups, including in Raleigh.

“The vast majority of the Cajun Navy bore their own expenses,” he wrote. “Many use their vacation/comp/sick time to help the rescue efforts [and are] donating boats as well. It’s important we take care of the people helping others.”

Read the full story in Stars and Stripes, here.

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