He’s a conservative. She’s a liberal. They have real policy differences, and they are both running for the same state house seat in Vermont. But what they did at the end of their debate surprised everyone.

They ended their debate by playing music together – in perfect harmony:

Lucy Rogers (D) and Zac Mayo (R) asked for a few extra minutes at the end of their debate at a local library and then performed a surprise duet.

With Rogers on the cello and Mayo on the guitar, the rivals sang in harmony a rendition of Eddie Vedder’s “Society,” a song whose lyrics speak of a less competitive society.

“It strikes a chord,” Mayo told CBS News. “To say to the world that this is a better way.”

Constituents in the district, Lamoille County, told CBS News that they were moved by the performance, calling it a bright spot of civility in a contentious political climate.

Read the full article about their moving gesture at the Hill here.

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