Serena Williams picked up her first tennis racket at age 3, when her father brought her and her sister to their local tennis court. The court was riddled with potholes. The nets were broken. But she and her sister still went back every day. That tireless work ethic multiplied her natural talent, and made her one of the greatest athletes in history.

Preparation and persistence characterized Serena Williams’ life and tennis career. She has inspired countless female athletes with her message of the importance of hard work. In her own words, “A champion isn’t about how much they win, but it’s about how they recover from their downs, whether it’s an injury or whether it’s a loss.”

Learn more about the obstacles Serena Williams has overcome throughout her life in this video from Goalcast:

Serena Williams: From Broken Nets to Grand Slam Queen

Tennis superstar Serena Williams a.k.a. Serena Slam made her way to the top and then lost it all. This is the inspiring true story of how one woman conquered her fears time and time again to become one of the best athletes the world has ever seen.

Posted by Life Stories on Tuesday, May 22, 2018

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