Despite his hearing being interrupted by protests and punctuated by political theater, Judge Kavanaugh kept his composure and delivered an impressive performance.

President Trump’s nominee to the Supreme Court, Judge Brett Kavanaugh, testified over four days on Capitol Hill in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

During his opening statement, Judge Kavanaugh made his principles clear. You can watch his opening statement here:

Judge Kavanaugh was questioned intensely by Senators, and his hearing was interrupted by protesters multiple times during the week. You can catch up on the political theater here.

But one Senator in particular wasn’t pleased with the raucous, overly political nature of the hearing – and for good reason. Senator Ben Sasse believes Americans have lost sight of basic civics.


We can and should do better than this. It is predictable that every confirmation hearing now is going to be an overblown politicized circus, and it is because we’ve accepted a new theory about how our three branches of government should work, and in particular the judiciary.

What Supreme Court confirmation hearings should be is an opportunity to go back and do “Schoolhouse Rock” civics for our kids. We should be talking about how a bill becomes a law, what the job of article two is, and what the job of article three is.

Despite the controversy of the hearing, Judge Kavanaugh remained calm and composed, impressing many Senators with his preparation and detailed answers.

When Senator Mike Lee asked about his favorite Federalist Papers, Judge Kavanaugh had quite the list. You can find out about Judge Kavanaugh’s favorite Federalist Papers here.

Judge Kavanaugh is expected to be confirmed as the next Supreme Court justice in a Senate vote later this month.

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